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    Showcasing God' s magnificent beauty through daylilies.

Phillipians: 2:10-11. "... at the name of Jesus, every knee should

bow...and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord...."

Flower Branch Gardens Daylily Farm

Daylilies A - Z

Daylilies A - Z

Baby's Got Blue Eyes


(Gossard-D., 2013)

height 32 in.(81 cm), bloom 5 in.(13 cm), season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 18 buds, 4 branches, Double 98%, Cream white with a patterned blue, purple, maroon eyezone, above a very green throat. (((Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion × (((Joe Marinello × Custard Candy) × Tet. Wings of Chance) × Tet. In the Navy)) × Blue Beetle)

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